• $125
  • 1 Session

Negative Energy Removal And Energy Cleansing From Fort Lauderdale Psychic

During a session you will receive the following treatments:

Emotional Cord Cutting - Clearing old attachments that hurt and/or hinder you, so you can connect deeply with yourself. This is also an investment in preventing baggage from the past sabotaging your potential.

Negative Energy Clearing - Eliminating unhelpful energies, like negative thoughts, that you may have caught from people in your life, to restore clarity of the mind. This clearing is followed by a prayer to help re-integrate the qualities you want to ground into your life.

Purification by Light - Cleansing your aura from impurities to re-establish your wholeness of being.

Aura Clearing - Removing negative energies from your aura, then sealing and healing your etheric field to increase protection and support.

Feel Refreshed And Recentered

Energy is this invisible thing that ebbs and flows. And one of the the toughest life lessons is that energy is contagious. It’s this understanding that allows us to be proactive in determining how to realign and protect our soul and well-being. That's where Negative Energy Removal or Releasing can help.

6 telling signs that you need negative energy removal:

  1. Constant COMPLAINING.
  2. Consistently feeling ANGRY or ON-EDGE.
  3. Persistent feelings of ANXIETY and/or DEPRESSION.
  4. Interactions with people becoming DIFFICULT or DRAINING.
  5. Becoming increasingly more CRITICAL of yourself and others.

Negative Energy Removal Smudging