Happiness Always Lies In The Palm Of Your Hand
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  • 1 Session

Psychic Palm Readings By Fort Lauderdale Psychic

A General Palm Reading that will give you a little information about all areas of your life.

Your Hands Are Your Roadmap

Also known as Palmistry or Chiromancy, palm reading in my opinion was best described by Aristotle described as, "a judgment made of the conditions, inclinations, and fortunes of men and women, from the various lines and characters nature has imprinted in their hands, which are almost as serious as the hands that have them.”

Palm reading is a very old tradition, in many ways it's the oldest form of storytelling. When I do a palm reading I am reading a person's story. And the best part for me is helping them rewrite the future, enjoy the present, and make peace with the past.

Psychic Palm Reading Diagram